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  • Location

    The Prakriti Electric Scooter manufacturing facility is conveniently close to both skilled labor pools and transportation networks, the location of the prakriti electric scooty is in a prominent industrial zone in Kolkata.

  • Production Capacity

    A variety of Prakriti Electric Scooter and their components are manufactured at the Kolkata factory with advanced production lines and machinery.

  • Quality Control

    To guarantee the highest levels of dependability and durability in their electric scooters, Prakriti's manufacturing facility in Kolkata follows strict quality control procedures at every stage of the production process as prakriti scooty is the best electric scooty in india .

  • Research and Development

    The establishment has a specialized section for research and development that pushes the boundaries of electric vehicle technology via innovation and constant improvement.

Our EV Plant

Manufacturing skills and process

A simplified procedure is used to manufacture Prakriti Electric Scooter in the warehouses located in Gujarat and Kolkata. Using specialized tools and equipment, skilled experts and workers construct the scooters on assembly lines. To ensure quality and dependability, raw materials and components are purchased from both domestic and international vendors. Electrical parts including motors, batteries, and controllers are added in accordance with design standards after the frame and chassis are constructed. Every stage of production is subjected to stringent quality control procedures in order to uphold the highest standards of performance and safety. After assembly, the scooters are tested and calibrated, and then they are safely packaged and delivered to clients and dealerships. Throughout the production process, Prakriti electric scooty places a strong emphasis on sustainability, quality, and efficiency to make sure every electric scooter satisfies the brand’s dependability requirements.

Our Team

From Director's Desk

Mr Dipak Gupta

Mr Dipak Gupta

As the electric vehicle sector continues to grow, I'm excited to highlight our most recent successes and innovations. We will never waver in our dedication to innovation and sustainability, and I'm happy of the progress we've achieved in introducing state-of-the-art electric vehicles to the market. I sincerely appreciate how each team member brings their enthusiasm and knowledge to our common goal. We will open the door to a future that is more sustainable and greener together.
Mr Deepak Shaw

Mr Deepak Shaw

I hope you are doing well and feeling motivated for the fascinating journey that lies ahead in the electric vehicle business. We have accomplished incredible things as a team, and I am truly motivated by the commitment and creativity that everyone brings to the table. We are motivated to move forward by our common vision of a more sustainable and clean Earth, and I have no doubt that working together will keep pushing for a better and green tomorrow.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who Is the owner of Prakriti Electric Scooter?

There are two owners of Prakriti Electric Scooter, they are Deepak kumar Shaw and Dipak Gupta. “Prakriti “ is the sister brand of Bigbull traders private limited, both of the brand supplies electric vehicle, bigbull shares products like electric rickshaw and prakriti shares electric scooter.

How many manufacturing brain we have in india, and where they are?

We have two manufacturing brain of Prakriti electric scooter in India, one in Kolkata and other is Gujarat.

Which year does prakriti electric scooter got established ?

Prakriti electric scooter have flourished in peoples eye with very short period for its super classic designs and feature. It got established in 2022 and it made the world greener and eco-friendlier.

Where is the head office of Prakriti electric scooty?

We have Prakriti electric scooty head office in the central Kolkata, that is park street. The detailing address is chaterjee international centre 17th floor room no 10, Kolkata west Bengal-700071

How many product variant does prakriti electric scooter have?

We have six product variant in Prakriti electric scooty they are: prakriti neo, Prakriti ESPA, prakriti defender, prakriti super, Prakriti E-VPA (high speed).

what is the eligibility criteria for dealership and distributorship in Prakriti electric scooty?

There are several eligibility criteria for dealership and distributorship some of the common criteria’s are LOI of rupees 1 lakh and one should take at least 7-10 pieces of scooty after taking the dealership.
Finance Partners

Our Finance Partners

The Prakriti Electric Scooty is the ultimate version of green world.It offers riders a silent, smooth, and efficient way to navigate city streets.

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Corporate Office

17 Floor, Room No. 10 Chatterjee International Centre 33A, Jawaharlal Nehru Road Park Street Area, Kolkata West Bengal- 700071
Landmark- Beside Metro Bhavan

Customer Care Number

+91 93309 00485