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The EVPA prakriti electric scooter’s elegant design is enhanced by each colour choice, turning it from a useful form of mobility into a fashion statement. For individuals who wish to travel in style and make a positive environmental impact, the EVPA Prakriti electric scooter is the ideal choice due to its unique blend of advanced technology and stylish design.

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EVPA Prakriti Electric Scooters: Shade Selection and Functionality
In addition to its cutting-edge technology and environmentally conscious design, the EVPA Prakriti electric scooters are distinguished by their vivid colour choices. These scooters come in an amazing variety of colours to compliment any style

Cherry Red: A daring and vivacious option that radiates assurance and vitality.

Sky Blue: A colour that captures the serenity of wide-open skies, it is relaxing and serene.

Chocolate Brown: A rich, earthy colour that gives off a distinct, elegant vibe.

Silver: A sleek, contemporary choice that denotes refinement and minimalism.

Royal Blue: A rich, regal hue that demands respect and notice.

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Efficiency and performance in urban transportation are redefined by the EVPA Prakriti electric scooter. With an amazing range of more than 110 kilometres on a single charge, it’s the perfect option for everyday use without always needing to be recharged. The Prakriti combines eco-friendly technology with convenience to deliver you to your destination quickly and smoothly, with a top speed of 60 km/h. Because of its extended range and top speed, the EVPA Prakriti is a top option for people looking for dependable and environmentally friendly transportation.

High Speed

With a top speed of 60 km/h, the EVPA Prakriti electric scooter is ideal for efficient urban transportation. This makes it possible for you to move swiftly and easily through metropolitan streets, guaranteeing that you arrive at your destinations on schedule. The Prakriti is a wise and sustainable option for contemporary commuters because of its speed and environmentally friendly technology.

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Prakriti E-VPA: Your Best Choice

Saving of ₹1000 Amount on every ride and service

Prakriti E-VPA: Your Best Choice

Saving of ₹ 1000 Amount on every ride and service

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the measurement of alloy rim in Neo Prakriti Scooty?

The measurement of the alloy rim in the Neo Prakriti Scooty is typically specified by the manufacturer and may vary depending on the model and design of the scooter, the tyre of prakriti electric scooter is 12 inches.

What is the battery life of Prakriti Super Royal?

To power the watch, the Eco-Drive mechanism of the Super Royal uses both artificial and natural light. Its battery lasts almost forever as a result, so there's no need to change it very often.

What is the warranty of Prakriti Super Royal?

A complete warranty package is included with every Prakriti model, including the Super Royal model. Our warranty protects against production flaws and gives our clients piece of mind.

What is the mileage of prakriti super royal?

The mileage of the prakriti super royal 110+ KM/ Charge, it is one of the unique design with all the specific and unique features in it. The speed of the prakriti super royal embrace the beauty of the scooty.

Is it good to buy prakriti super royal E-scooter?

Yes, it is good to buy prakriti super royal E-scooter as this electric scooter is having features that cannot be compared with any other electric scooter, and this electric scooter is having several vibrant and sophisticated colours that attracts the mind of the customer.
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The Prakriti Electric Scooty is the ultimate version of green world.It offers riders a silent, smooth, and efficient way to navigate city streets.


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