Prakriti Defender
The Beast:
The next Gen E-scooty

Cherish the green environment with unbroken thoughts of electric future to relish the dreamy and pollution free life. Prakriti Defender is one of the best electric scooty in our range, this may hit the green future with the enhancing feature the model. Its stylish ride make the world calm and soundless.

The unrevealing beast “Prakriti Defender” carries the world out of every electric scooty in India, it is synchronized by the thought of green environment. The prakriti electric scooty “defender” is the ultimate royal beast of all with the advance technique of modern world which can compete many other electric scooter brands in India.

High Performance Feature in:

Prakriti Defender


Reverse Mode


Waterproof throttle

parking logo

Parking Mode

incline logo

Hill-Start Assist

cruise control

Cruise Crontrol

gear logo

Gear 1-2-3

gear logo

Disc Brake

bldc motor

BLDC Motor


Unique Feature

Top Speed



250 watt

Rim Size

12 Inch


70 KM/ Charge

Charging Time

4-5 Hours

With an overabundance of amazing features, the Defender Electric Scooty guarantees top performance and improves the riding experience. The Defender Electric Scooty is designed for optimal urban mobility, with a powerful electric motor that delivers rapid acceleration .

Choose your Favourite Colour



110+ KM/Charge




Charging Time

5-6 Hours

Prakriti Defender: Your Best Choice

Saving of ₹1000 Amount on every ride and service

Frequently Asked Questions

What quality of paint use in Prakriti Defender?

Defender utilizes high-quality paint finishes, including Polyurethane (PU) paints, known for their durability, resistance to scratches, and ability to maintain color vibrancy over time.

What type of front head light we use in Prakriti Defender?

Defender employs advanced LED headlights, providing superior illumination, energy efficiency, and longevity compared to traditional halogen bulbs. LED headlights offer enhanced visibility and safety for riders.

Is Prakriti Defender scooty waterproof switches?

Yes, Defender Scooty is equipped with waterproof switches, ensuring reliable operation even in wet or rainy conditions. This feature enhances the scooter's durability and longevity, providing added peace of mind to riders.

What is the ground clearance measurement in Defender Scooty?

The ground clearance measurement in Defender Scooty is 190mm, refers to the distance between the lowest point of the scooter's underbody and the ground surface. A higher ground clearance allows the scooter to navigate over speed bumps, potholes, and rough terrain without scraping the undercarriage, ensuring smooth and comfortable rides for riders.

What are the colours available in Defender Scooty?

Defender Scooty is available in various colors, offering customers options to choose the color that best suits their preferences and style.

How does the strong shock absorber system in the Defender Electric Scooty enhance rider comfort?

The robust shock absorber system of the Defender Electric Scooty effectively dampens and absorbs shocks from bumps, potholes, and uneven road surfaces, improving rider comfort.

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The Prakriti Electric Scooty is the ultimate version of green world.It offers riders a silent, smooth, and efficient way to navigate city streets.

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